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Toy Instuments v2.0

My original SFZ sample library collection of toy instruments was first released in 2016 and included a Xylo Piano, Little Tike Piano, Toy Xylophone, and miscellaneous Toy Percussion.

Now it's time for a major update!

New Instruments!

  • Mini Xylo Piano
  • Book Synth
  • Tape Recorder Synth
  • Toy Ukulele
  • Song Flute
  • Toy Clarinet
  • Additional Toy Pecussion

Advanced Scripting!

The Song Flute uses true long-form legato samples and the Toy Ukulele, in additional to basic finger plucks, features a system for strumming chords and programing chord presets!

Comming Soon!!

Toy Instruments v2.0 is set to be released February 7, 2023.

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