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Toy Instruments [SFZ Sample Library]

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Toy Xylos

  • Xylo Piano & Mini Xylo Piano (choose between "Piano" and mallet strike "Xylophone" samples)
  • Key mechanism release samples
  • Alternate sample range featuring each instrument's original untuned state.
  • Little Tike Piano & Toy Xylophone
  • Up to 4x round robin

Toy Synths

  • Tape Recorder Synth (sawtooth, square, and triangle waves played through a toy tape recorder)
  • Looped Sustains
  • Book Synth
  • Up to 2x round robin

Toy Ukulele

  • Finger plucked samples
  • Chord strumming with programmable chord presets
  • Full range of each string
  • Up to 4x round robin

Toy Winds

  • Song Flute (true long-form legato samples)
  • Toy Clarinet
  • Looped Sustains
  • Up to 3x round robin (2x for true legato samples)

Tech Specs:

- SFZ (Level 2.0 with ARIA Extensions)

- 48 kHz/24-bit, FLAC, Mono/Stereo

- 365.2 MB on Disk (Full Bundle)

Current Version: 2.0 (Version History)

This sample library will work in most DAWs and notation software using Plogue's sforzando, a free SFZ player that functions as both a standalone player, as well as a VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin.