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Binaural Upright Piano [Free SFZ/sf2 Sample Library]

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This was my very first attempt at sampling a piano! Since there are loads of other virtual pianos out there, so I decided that I wanted to do something unique. The samples were recorded using a mannequin head with two small microphones coming out of the ears. When using headphones, the end result creates the sensation actually sitting in front of the family piano!
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (129MB)
  • SF2 (234MB)

  • Recorded binaurally from the player's perspective
  • Up to 2 dynamic layers
  • Full length samples, including note and mechanical release samples (pedals and keys)
  • Unique sample sets for when the sustain pedal is up and down
  • sf2 Version: A simplified version of Binaural Upright Piano is available in the sf2 soundfont format.

Tech Specs:

 - SFZ Format (Level 2.0 with ARIA Extensions)/sf2

 - 48 kHz, OGG, Stereo

- 135.2 MB on Disk (SFZ Version)/233.9 MB (sf2 Version)

Current Version: 1.1 (Version History)

This sample library will work in most DAWs and notation software using Plogue's sforzando, a free SFZ player that functions as both a standalone player, as well as a VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin.